The adult cat

1 to 7 years of age

A new phase, different needs! As the cat grows up, its calorie consumption slowly decreases. A high quality food that fits the adult cat's nutritional needs is therefore essential to a healthy cat life.

Nutrition guide

Find out in a few steps which Prins-feed best suits your pet. For a personal advice you can contact our CareTeam.

3/7What is the size of your pet?

  • Small (< 5kg)
  • Large (> 5kg)
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Tips for a nice and healthy cat life

Cat are real predators. Did you know that they need to catch about 10 mice
a day in nature to survive? That takes a lot of work!

  • Put your cat to work by hiding his food!
  • Playing with your cat keeps him active and limber.
  • Enrich your cats life with al kinds of, sometimes simple, materials.
  • Cats naturaly don't drink that much. Make sure you keep your cat hydrated.