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Do you have any questions about your cat or dog's feeding, upbringing, grooming or behaviour? 

The Prins CareTeam is ready to help you with some tailor-made free advice.

Step 1: Contact our CareTeam

You can ask your question by phone, by using our online contact form, the chat on our website, Whatsapp or Facebook messenger.

Step 2: Our CareTeam sets to work for you

We will process your request for advice within 24 hours. In case additional information is needed, we will contact you. For complex questions, we will always consult one of our veterinarians or other specialists first. 

Step 3: Receive expert advice

Once we have received all information, we will give you customised advise with a handy action plan. We will support you in following our advice. Together we will find the best solution for your animal. 

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Monday till Friday between 8.30 and 21.00


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