Animal Shelter

There are many animal shelters and foundations that are doing a good job taking in animals. Prins supports these initiatives. Cats and dogs in need of shelter, have many employees and volunteers caring for them in the very best way. And the results are showing; thousands of lucky shelter animals find a warm, safe and permanent home every year. Animal shelters also make use of our partnership

It goes without saying that we support the shelters by offering nutritional advise for optimal health. Because we feel that every animal is entitled to the very best, all cats and dogs are given a feed matching their age and activity level upon leaving the shelter.

Requests for donations or feeds

Prins gets requests for donations or feeds from various foudations and organisations on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we are unable to meet all these requests and it is also very difficult for us to make informed choices. Every year, Prins organises charity events, at which we donate thousands of kilos cat or dog food. Anyone can sign up charities for this campaign and vote for one of the nominees. For information about fortcoming events, keep an eye on our website and Facebookpage.

Looking for a lovely housemate?

Check out the websites of the shelters we collaborate with or go to to find animals that deserve a second chance. Everyone who takes in a cat or dogs from one of our affiliated shelters, receives a fun starter kit containing a small bag of Prins-food and a specific nutritional advice for your pet.