No concessions to quality
Even if the prices go up
Prins Foundation donates hundreds of Christmas gift boxes
Packages full of goodies for both humans and animals
Prins introduces pet education program for primary schools
Learn the basics of pet care in a playful way
Prins presents dog play paradise Prins Plaza
Unique holiday resort for dog lovers
Bake your own grain-free treats for your dog
Tasty cookies – sausage with eggs!
Dry Prins NatureCare sausage in the oven
Deliciously handy and super tasty: crunchy sausage!
How to make kibble lemonade!
Flavored water is extra delicious in hot weather
Recipe 3: Shake it baby!
Shakes for the thirsty dog or cat
Make a delicious ice cream for your dog!
Cool sausage for your dog
Recipe 2: Pancakes for dogs
Pancakes with chicken, salmon or turkey!
Recipe 1: Heartbreakers for your dog or cat
Delicious breakable cookies!
Kitten care: let your kitten shine!
Caring for your kitten, some handy tips