A dog or cat that’s afraid of fireworks and shrinks with every bang... it’s the scare of every owner. Let us help you and your pet. Not only with our Prins Resist food, but also with tips and tricks.


Your dog or cat can get stressed on New Year's Eve, especially from the loud noises of the fireworks. On the evening itself, it’s especially important to keep windows and doors closed - don't forget the cat flap! Make sure there are enough litter trays for your cat inside and only walk the dog on his leash. Do you have a car or can you arrange transportation? Take your dog to an area where there are no fireworks and where you can walk him quietly. Make sure you let him out before midnight at last, so you both can be inside when the big show of fireworks starts. Be careful with uncorking the champagne as well! Keep corks and also the pieces of iron wire that may be around them away from your animals to prevent swallowing and clogging. Animals are often not only afraid of the popping of fireworks, but also of the accompanying flashes of light, displacement of air pressure and the smell of gunpowder, which they can smell much better than us. All these things you can try to muffle by closing curtains and leaving the radio or TV on.

Stay sharp with fireworks!

Even on New Year's Day and the days after that, you can still hear the sound of fireworks. Reason enough to only walk your dog with its leash on. Also, prevent your dog or cat to take fireworks in their mouths. Your pet wouldn't be the first to pick up left over fireworks and bring them back to you, with all the (fatal) consequences...

Help your animal!

Don't just leave your pet at home alone during New Year's Eve. Make sure you're there for them. By sitting down against them, you offer them extra support. You are the one person your animal can rely on, so make sure you’re there for him! Cats, on the other hand, often do not want to be grabbed or lifted. It is good to let them have their way. However, it’s important to stay calm yourself. After all, your animal will mirror your irritations or tension enormously. Look and listen carefully to your dog or cat to know what your animal needs.

A nice hiding place

It can help to create a 'lair' for your dog and hiding places for your cat, by shielding a place where the animal likes to relax with a rug. Cats also prefer high hiding places or a cardboard box to hide in. Make sure that food, water and the litter box are easily accessible from the hiding place.

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An unguarded moment...

A cornered cat...does unexpected things, and so does a frightened dog. Make sure your pets can't escape during the fireworks. If the bang makes your animal run away, it's nice that he can be recognized. Make sure your dog or cat is chipped and let him wear a collar with a badge with contact information. As far as that chip is concerned: are you sure that your dog or cat is registered somewhere and that your contact details are correct?

Watch out for your animal

Pay close attention to stress signals that indicate that your dog or cat is having a hard time during New Year's Eve. Important signals with dogs: trembling, panting, restlessness, looking for attention, barking or whining or destroying something. Important signals with cats: trembling, panting, crawling away, supposedly sleeping, vibrating skin, lots of washing or licking. In addition to the above mentioned tips, nutrition can also play an important role in providing peace and quiet at home during New Year's Eve. Our Prins Resist kibble gives dogs and cats that are anxious because of the fireworks a little extra support. This food contains a unique mix of natural herbs that, among other things, provides more oxygen in the blood. Organs function better and there is more peace in the body of dogs and cats. For an optimal result it’s wise to start feeding Resist food a few weeks before a stressful period.

Nutritional advice

The unique Resist herb mix is specially formulated for Prins to support dogs and cats during difficult periods. The herbs provide, among other things, more oxygen in the blood, so that organs function better, and for more peace in the body of dogs and cats. In addition, the Resist foods provide an overall improvement in condition, as evidenced by a healthy, shiny coat and optimal digestion. Read more about the Prins Resist foods here.

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Annerike from the CareTeam

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