Because of the coronavirus a lot of people are and work at home with their pets during this crazy time. We like to help you find the best balance between hard work and cuddles with your dog or cat!

Working from home with your dog or cat

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty thanks to the coronavirus. That’s understable and it can upset your pet a little. Dogs and cats do often catch our emotions flawlessly. For our furry friends it can be a bit weird to see us angry, scared or sad. Maybe your pet will get in touch with you a bit more, or maybe he or she avoids you because you’re acting different. We'll help you with a good work-from-home-with-your-pet advice!

1. Stay calm

It is how it is. We unfortunately can’t change the situation or the people around us, but we do have influence on our own behaviour. The more calmly you are, the more calm your pet will be. Because you are his tower of strength during troubled times! Are you worried that your dog or cat can get the coronavirus? We’ve interviewed Atjo Westerhuis from EduVet with the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

2. Ensure a steady rhythm

Are you more at home? Try to keep a familiar rhythm for you and your pet with activities such as walking or feed time. Don’t forget that you’ll have to return to your ‘old’ schedule someday, maintaining the same rhythm now and later makes it easier for both you and your pet.

thuisblijven met je hond of kat - hond uitlaten

3. Got everything at home?

There's no need to hoard!

There really is no need to hoard, but it can be useful to check if you have important supplies at home because delivery can take a little longer than we are used to. So prevent that you find out at the last moment that your dog's food is almost finished, or that the strip of medicine for your cat is almost empty.

4. Distraction

If you work from home, your pet can provide a good distraction, but can also distract you from your work. Does your pet like to snuggle up close to you? Then make sure you have an extra blanket or pillow near your workplace. Does your pet keep asking for attention and does this leave you distracted from your work? Then you could place a door gate in the doorway to your workspace, so that your pet can hear, see and smell you, but does not constantly climb on your lap or walk over your keyboard. Make sure you have something to play with or chew on for your pet to keep him or her busy!

5. Don't feel guilty

Don’t feel guilty if, even though you may be at home a lot right now, in these strange times you don’t have the time, opportunity or mood to give your pet extra attention. You don’t have to make up all kinds of special things to keep your dog or cat busy if your mood doesn’t feel like it. Take a look at livesofstreeties how free living dogs in India spend their day. They lie down a lot. Mostly sleeping or quietly on the lookout. Maybe now that you’re at home, your dog or cat can lie more comfortably in the garden or on the balcony if the weather is like it.

6. Fun activities

But of course it’s also possible that you dó have the time and mood to do fun games with your pet. If the current circumstances don’t give the opportunity to go on an adventure with your pet, take him or her to the garden and spoil your pet with a special treat or a little play time together!

Thuiswerken met hond of kat - kind en kitten

7. Need some help?

Do you have any specific questions about the coronavirus and pets? Or any other health- behaviour or food concerned issues? Feel free to contact our CareTeam. We will be happy to help you with good advice or just a listening ear.

8. Vitamin L

Now that we have to limit our social contacts it can feel a bit lonely, being at home most of the time. Instead of catching up at the lunch table or at the coffee machine, you can take your time to cuddle with your furry colleague for the much-needed vitamin L (love). Being together, that’s wat matters now. It always does, but is certainly important now. At Prins we work from home as well. In the pictures below you see our colleague Jasmin from Online Marketing with her cat Charlie and copywriter Judith enjoys a beautiful view of her puppy Stitch – while working from home.  

 Thuiswerken met je hond of kat  thuiswerken met je hond of kat

Annerike from the CareTeam

Questions about your pet's behaviour? The CareTeam loves to help you with free advice!