You don't want to think about losing your puppy... So make sure that your dog is always identifiable. Nowadays, all dogs in the Netherlands must be fitted with a microchip, which is inserted just under the skin by authorized persons using a hollow injection needle at the shoulder blades or in the neck. This can be done by a veterinarian. In this article we discuss why chipping your dog is so important.


Puppies must be microchipped within seven weeks of birth and registered in a database. At first at the breeder and with the buyer of the puppy. This registration is, like the chip itself, mandatory! The chip number, which can be read off with a special device, is linked to the owner's details.


The chip ensures that your puppy is always recognizable and that animals that are found can be quickly reunited with their owners. You also have to ensure that the data linked to the chip is and remains up-to-date! Have you got a new telephone number, or are you going to move to a different house? Make sure that you’ve changed the data at the database where your dog is registered. On the website you can check how and in which databases your animal is registered.

Did you know this about chipping a dog?

A microchip contains a code of 15 digits. The first three digits of that code indicate the country of which the dog (originally) comes from. The country code for the Netherlands is 528, for Belgium 056.

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