Many cats eat grass from time to time, and to many owners this seems like strange behavior. But why does my cat eat grass? Are they running low on food? Are they sick? Or do they like it?

Can cats eat grass?

Cats are carnivores, meaning that they are true meat eaters. Nevertheless, eating grass is good for your cat. Eating grass stimulates cats to vomit, which can be very helpful with certain eating habits of your cat. Cats that are outdoors a lot sometimes eat parts of their prey that are difficult to digest, such as the feathers of birds and small bones of mice. To get rid of these hard-to-digest parts, your cat eats grass. This causes your cat to spit out the hard-to-digest food particles.

Eating grass is natural behavior!

Did you know this?

Wild felines also eat grass on occasion, according to studies of the stomach contents and feces of wolves and pumas.

Regurgitating hairballs

In addition to regurgitating hard-to-digest food particles, there are other benefits. Grass, in fact, helps to break up hairballs. When a cat washes itself, hairs stick to the tongue, which the cat swallows. After a while the hairs stick together in the digestive system. The cat normally vomits out these hairs easily but when the hairball gets too big, it can cause a dangerous blockage. To avoid this, cats eat grass, which encourages the regurgitation of a hairball.


Grass also contains quite a bit of fiber. Fiber has many health benefits. It can help to prevent constipation and diarrhea.

Be careful where your cat eats grass.

Dangers of outdoor grass

Be careful with outdoor grass! Often grass has been treated with pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, hairy grasses can get caught in your cat's throat and nasal cavity, which can cause nasty infections.

Tip: Make your own little garden out of cat grass!

Give your cat his own patch of grass. Using suitable seeds or a ready-made kit from the pet store, you can grow your own little garden in a pot. Choose cat grass with young soft leaves. But give your cat cat grass in moderation and not too much at once !Want to know more? Our CareTeam will be happy to help you on your way with advice and inspiration.

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