Is your cat urinating frequently, yet minimal amounts? Can you hear a wailing meow coming from the litter box, or does your cat seem to be forgotten that it is housebroken? You might want to seek advice from a vet in that case. Your cat might be suffering from struvite crystals!


  • Frequent (yet little) urination
  • Urinating more frequently than before
  • A wailing meow during urination

There are two kinds of struvite crystals, both of which need their own type of treatment. Always consult your vet for advice. In addition, our Prins CareTeam can recommend you a fitting dietetic product. 

Possible solution

  • VitalCare Struvite: for dissolving struvite crystals in cats that have been diagnosed with the disease.
  • VitalCare Diet Struvite & Calciumoxalate: suitable for dissolving struvite crystals. In addition, this dietetic food prevents recurring struvite and oxalate crystals.
  • There’s a rule of thumb for the number of litter boxes that should be available: 1 box for each cat, plus one extra.

Drinking is key!

By nature, cats are minimal drinkers. Drinking too little is a risk factor for developing struvite crystals. Most cats find running water attractive. Would you like to offer your cat an extra treat? Prins NatureCare meat-based meals are rich in moisture and help you get your cat hydrated.

Annerike from the CareTeam

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