Do you feel like your cat licks everything, much more than other cats do?

If a cat licks everything, this can be because your pet is lacking certain nutrients. Therefore, examine its food and the feeding method, the way you feed it.

Restoring intestinal flora

The most important in this case is to take care of the basics. To do this, give your cat frozen fresh meat such as Prins TotalCare. This improves the intestinal flora and the production of enzymes, which in turn causes a healthy digestion, so your pet can optimally utilise all nutrients in its food.

Ensure that your pet can optimally utilise all the nutrients.

Fitting food

In addition, it's important that you give your cat a complete chuck food that fits your pet and its use of energy. Every cat and every situation is different! The Prins CareTeam can help you figure out which food is most suitable for your cat.


Occasionally, it happens that these kinds of complaints, licking everywhere, are psychological. In that case, consult a cat behaviour expert as soon as possible for more advice.

Bonny from the CareTeam

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