Water, a dog can't live without it! How much does a dog actually drink? And what can his drinking habits tell you?

We tell you why fluid is important for your dog.

Did you know?

  • On average, a dog drinks 50-60 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day.
  • To be able to drink water, a dog folds his tongue into a kind of spoon, see the video below.
  • A dog drinks more during exercise and hot weather. Dogs cannot sweat like humans, they can only lose their heat through their tongue and the soles of their feet. When dogs get hot, they start panting to lose heat. To pant, a dog needs moisture.
  • Sniffing also makes them thirsty! If the dog's nasal mucosa dries out because of how much he breaths in and out during sniffing, he can no longer smell properly.

Travel and sniffing make you thirsty!

  • Heat, (travel) stress and air-conditioning in the car that dehumidifies the air can make a dog extra thirsty.
  • Dogs fed wet food or a fresh meat diet often drink less, as these foods contain a higher moisture content.
  • From drinking too much water that is too cold, a dog can get diarrhea or stomach problems.
  • If a dog drinks a lot, it can indicate an abnormality, for example diabetes, uterine infection or a (secondary) kidney problem, but sometimes also a behavioral problem.

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