Treating your dog to the ultimate Prins pampering moment? Combine fish and meat by using our Train & Care tube reward cream and NatureCare sausage to make special Surf & Turf snacks!

The video below shows you how to make this fun treat in no time. 

This is how you give it

Making treats is one thing, but giving them to your dog is quite another. And you can explain that to him!


Spread a small amount of Train & Care reward cream on your hand and let your dog lick it off. Does he do this gently? While the dog is licking the treat from your hand, link a signal such as 'gently', 'calmly' or 'carefully' to this: 'Good, that is gently/quietly/carefully! Does your dog immediately jump to your hand? Then keep it out of his reach and calmly ask him to sit. As soon as the dog sits, move your hand towards your dog again. Is he reacting impetuously again? Remove your hand and gently ask for a sit again. Again not softly? Again no treat. Hold on! Dogs learn very quickly what the consequences of their behavior are.

Variation with your hand

You can also hold a treat in your hand. Does he want to snatch it? Quickly close your hand with the treat in it to a fist. Now just wait as long until the dog leaves your fist alone with his mouth or paws and takes some distance. Then open your hand directly. Will he grab the treat again too eagerly to your liking? Quickly close your hand again! Don’t try to say anything at all: let your dog find out for himself what works.

These exercises require good timing: if your dog jumps up and grabs the treat anyway, he will learn the opposite of what you want. You get what you reward! We can imagine that closing your hand with a sticky Surf & Turf snack in it is not that pleasant. You can of course do the fist exercise with dry chunks.

Always tailor the treats for your dog.

Tailored snacks

Customize the Surf & Turf bites for your dog. Always cut the sausage into small pieces so your dog can't choke on it. Do you use toothpicks, with or without flags? Then of course remove them before giving the snacks to your dog. Prins Train & Care and Prins NatureCare sausage are available from pet stores.

Any treats left?

Open tubes of Train & Care reward cream can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Opened sausages remain good for two days in the refrigerator, but you can also freeze them in pieces in a box or plastic bag. Made a little too many appetizers? Here's how to find a good use for them!

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