Are you looking for an easy dog? One that is obedient, child-friendly and needs little maintenance? We have listed a top 3 of easy dog breeds especially for you!

Number 3: the robo-dog

Can do a lot of tricks, but you have to read the manual. Don’t forget to replace batteries when empty.

easy dog breeds: Robo-dog

Number 2: dog on wheels

Not as smart as a robo-dog, but you can take him for a roll. No worries, he does not go far.

easy dog breeds: dog on wheels

Number 1: plush dog

The undisputed winner! It stays where you put it. Tired of hugging? Just put him in the cupboard!

easy dog breeds: plush dog

There are no easy dog breeds!

We think that you may have already gotten the point: there is no such thing as an easy dog breed. Every dog needs education, care and attention. Every dog takes time.

Nobody is perfect

The perfect dog does not exist. Do not try to shape your dog according to how you think he should be, but accept him as he is and listen to what he is trying to tell you. You don’t have to be perfect either, as the perfect dog-owner also does not exist.

The most important thing is: be there for your dog.

Because getting attention and living together is what make dogs, just like us, very happy!

Need help?

Need help taking care for your dog? For all your dog related questions you can contact the Prins CareTeam. Our experts will help you quickly and free of charge with guidance and advice. That is good to know, especially when you have no breeder to fall back on because your dog comes from a shelter.

Annerike from the CareTeam

Questions about your pet's behaviour? The CareTeam loves to help you with free advice!