Besides specific dietetic feeds, Prins has some additional recommendations that might help your dog with its joint issues. What’s strenuous for the joints? Which movements should a dog avoid and which are safe? How do you prevent obesity?

Movement tips

  • Provide linear movement. Prevent sudden movements such as abrupt deceleration or sudden turns or sharp twists, for instance when playing fetch. This may put a strain on your dog’s joints.
  • Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, as it puts minimal strain on the joints.
  • Use a dog ramp rather than allowing your dog to jump out of the car.
  • Be careful with strenuous sports like agility, flyball or dog frisbee. This may put a strain on your dog’s joints.
  • Your dog might need additional treatment. We strongly advise you to contact a vet if your dog has joint issues.

Tips for preventing obesity

  • The nutrition guide on a product’s packaging is only a guideline. The daily amount of food strongly depends on several factors, such as the activity level of the dog, being spayed/neutered, the ambient temperature and a potential predisposition to weight gain. Adapt the amount of food to your dog’s needs.
  • It’s important to weigh the daily portions. This will help you prevent overfeeding your dog.
  • Monitor your dog’s weight on a regular basis, to keep track of any gaining.
  • We strongly discourage feeding your dog additional snacks, such as bones, cookies, cheese, bread or dinner leftovers when he’s on a diet. Too much supplementary food increases the risk of obesity!

Additional tips

  • Give any medication always as specified.
  • Spread the daily amount of food over at least two meals per day.
  • Feed your dog seperately, prevent the possibility of eating along with any other pets.
  • Always make sure there’s plenty of clean and fresh drinking water.
  • Store the food as prescribed, in a cool and dry environment. This way the quality and flavours are maintained.

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