You can enrich your cat's life by investing in all kinds of, sometimes very simple, materials. Did you know that a cardboard box makes a cat very happy? We would like to give you for (even) more fun for your cat!

  • A climbing pole, tunnel or cuddly bag invites you to explore: fun to climb, sharpen your nails on or hide in.
  • Cats like to survey their surroundings from a height. Create high spots to relax by putting up a climbing pole, clearing a spot on top of a closet or hanging shelves on the wall.
  • You can make a cat very happy with an empty cardboard box, a nice object to explore or hide in. Especially a box from the pet store, as this often smells delicious!
  • Create sleeping spots on places where the cat can quietly retreat. A hammock on the heater is a popular spot for many cats: nice and warm and off the ground. Or you can put a pillow on the windowsill, from where the cat can look outside to spy on birds.
  • Make sure you always have special cat grass in the house for indoor cats, so they can always eat or pluck it. This will prevent them from looking for something similar, such as a, sometimes poisonous, houseplant.

Do you have several cats?

When buying items, remember the rule of 'one for each cat, plus one extra'. This will prevent stress between the animals about who gets to use that favorite toy or sleeping place.

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