With a tube of Prins Train & Care reward cream, you can teach a dog all kinds of exercises. You will be amazed at how fast it goes. It seems like magic! You can learn these exercises in no time at all:

Are you following me?

With the tube, you can keep your dog's attention and teach him to follow beautifully. Teach him that there’s no reward for jumping, but that the tube will automatically come down for a reward when he walks along nicely. Where the tube is, is the head of your animal! So keep the tube close to your body if you want your four-legged friend to stay close to you.

Let's dance

By leading your dog with the tube, you can teach him to turn around his axis or make a slalom through your legs. Before you know it, you'll be dancing together!


By constantly giving a little squeeze in the tube, releasing some reward cream, you can continuously reward the dog and keep his attention.

Sit, down and stand 

With the help of the tube you can easily make an animal sit, lie and stand: 'sit' by holding the tube up, 'down' by moving the tube downwards and 'stand' by pulling the tube slightly forward. Always emphasize and reward what your animal does. The reward cream can be swallowed quickly, your animal doesn’t have to chew it. He’s therefore quickly ready for the next exercise.


Does your dog find it scary to climb stairs, get into a car or in an elevator? With the tube you can guide him in this process. Licking the tube and swallowing the small bits of cream has a relaxing and calming effect.

Where is your party nose?

A muzzle can prevent your dog from eating unwanted things or reacting aggressively and is mandatory in some (vacation) countries. It’s therefore useful to familiarize your dog with this. Does your dog dare to stick his nose into the muzzle to get at the tube when you hold it against the mesh of the basket? Great, that's "party nose"! A word like 'party nose' immediately makes this exercise a lot more cheerful.

We are curious...

What do you teach your dog with a tube? Mail your exercises and training tips to info@prinspetfoods.nl or contact our Prins CareTeam.

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