Want to teach your cat a fun exercise super quick, or brush or comb it without any problems? We will show you how!

Cat behaviorists believe that if you use rewards and not force, you can get a cat to do more in a fun way and also strengthen the mutual bond with your animal. We are using our Prins Play & Care reward cream in a tube.

High Five!

Cat behaviorist Maggie Ruitenberg: "If you hold something the cat wants just out of its reach, the animal will always try to get it with its paws. So if you spread a lick of Prins Play & Care reward cream on your hand and hold it in his field of vision, but just out of reach, he will automatically extend his paw.' You can also hold the tube just above your hand. Timing is incredibly important with this exercise. If you always reward the tapping of your hand immediately, the cat will quickly realize that he gets something nice when he gives a 'high five'!

Timing is very important with this exercise!

Coat care

By using the tube of reward cream you can also get a cat used to grooming and the feeling of a comb or brush in or over its coat. To do this, first offer your animal a lick from the tube. While your cat is nibbling, you begin gently grooming its coat. Stop combing or brushing before the cat no longer likes the grooming. This is how you make the desired association: grooming is fun! The next step is to comb first and reward afterwards: that way combing stays fun.


According to cat behaviorist Maggie Ruitenberg, cats often find combing the belly particularly annoying. The best way to practice this is with two people: one gives the treat, the other puts his hand under the front legs of the cat, lets the animal stand up against him and carefully combs the belly hairs. Which comb is best to use depends on the cat's coat. If you comb long-haired cats briefly every day, you will avoid painful and hard-to-remove tangles.

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