Looking for a fun activity for your dog? Try clothesline sausage! For this fun version of the time-honored cookie-bites, you need: a few feet of clothesline and a piece of Prins NatureCare sausage, cut into thin slices.


  • Only allow the dog to bite sausage off the line under supervision.
  • Don’t play this game with several dogs at the same time, this can unintentionally provoke competition and aggression.
  • Always cut the sausage into small slices or pieces before use, depending on the size of your dog. For a small dog, don’t thread thick discs on the clothesline, but rather use very thin slices or quarters of sausage.

This is how the game works

Thread the discs or pieces of sausage evenly on the clothesline by threading the end of the clothesline through the middle of the discs or pieces. Attach the clothesline to one end slightly above the dog's nose level. Continue to hold (and tighten) the other end, or also attach it to, for example, a fence, door handle or table leg.


Clothesline ready? Bite it!

Let the dog enjoy eating all the discs of sausage off the line.

Good to know

Prins NatureCare sausage is a complete food for your dog. You can deduct the eaten discs of sausage from his daily portion of food if necessary.

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