Imagine, you want to food Prins to your dog or cat. But then it turns out that your pet does not like that new meal! Maybe because your dog prefers pressed kibble instead of extruded, or your cat prefers chicken instead of fish. That is why all our small bags (1,5/2/3 kg) of dry kibble comes with a taste guarantee.
In the unlikely event that the kibble does not fit your pet, you will receive a one-off reimbursement for the purchased food.

This is how our taste guarantee works

  • Contact our CareTeam (details on the bag) or your local supplier.
  • After a short consultation with our CareTeam or your local supplier, you can return the rest of the bag to your point of purchase.
  • Hand in the opened bag with at least ¾ still left in the bag and your original receipt. So, please do not just hand an empty bag as we will have extra quality checks.
  • The taste guarantee only applies to the small bags of 1,5 kg / 2 kg / 3 kg.
  • The food will be reimbursed in exchange for the opened packing and the original receipt.

Good advice

Taste guarantee is nice, but of course we prefer that your pet likes our kibble from the beginning. Our Prins CareTeam can tell you exactly how the taste guarantee works, but is of course always available to give you an individual advise upfront. In that way you will always find the suitable kibble for your dog or cat!

Annerike from the CareTeam

Questions about your pet's behaviour? The CareTeam loves to help you with free advice!