In nature, a cat will have to make an effort to get its food. For domestic cats, hunting is not always possible. In the worst case there’s nothing left for your animal to do but just go to sleep.... You can use Prins Play & Care Cat, a delicious reward cream in a handy tube, to promote the natural behavior of your cat. This way you counteract boredom and stimulate your animal's problem-solving abilities.


You can use the Play & Care tube in a game called angling. To do this, fill a special cat puzzle with some reward cream. You can also make a low budget game by putting some Play & Care in the bottom of a plastic (drinking) cup. Let your cat enjoy angling for its 'prey'! You can also put some trays with a very small amount of Play & Care in them in different places in the house to let your cat search for its snacks. Hunting for the snacks!

Let your cat fish for its 'prey'!


Prins Play & Care can also be a useful tool to get your cat to go in his carrier. To do this, place a bit of reward cream in the carrier and let your cat walk into the basket on its own. Going well? You can close the carrier and give your cat a bit more from the tube as a reward. To do this, put the end of the tube through one of the openings in the basket. Do you want to make it a little more difficult? Lift the basket and put it down again. Reward your cat with some treats. When you do this exercise your cat will learn that being in his carrier is not scary, but provides him with a tasty snack!

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