Prins presents: Prins ProCare Sport-Life Excellent, a pressed kibble especially for dogs that engage in intense athletic activity a few times a week in addition to their regular daily exercise. From everyday life to exceptional performance: we now have a suitable diet for every activity!

How do you know which food suits your dog best? To help you out on this, we will compare three of our pressed kibble foods. It is not that one diet is better than the other. It is just what suits your dog’s activity best.

Stay in shape: Prins ProCare Standard Fit

Prins ProCare Standard Fit is a diet to keep normally active adult dogs, that are taken for a walk a few times a day, in good shape. These dogs need a diet with an average amount of protein, fat and energy. Standard Fit contains slightly more dietary fibre and is also suitable for spayed and neutered dogs.

  • Protein content: 24 percent
  • Fat content: 12 percent
  • Energy: 3880 kcal per kilogram of food

Active life: Prins ProCare Super Active

Prins ProCare Super Active is a diet for growing and adult dogs leading active lives. This diet is especially suitable for dogs that walk, run and play a lot and/or practice short-term sport activities. Super Active is also suitable for pregnant and nursing dogs.

  • Protein content: 26 percent
  • Fat content: 17 percent
  • Energy: 4130 kcal per kilo of food

High performance: Prins ProCare Sport-Life Excellent

Prins ProCare Sport-Life Excellent is a diet especially for dogs that, in addition to their usual daily exercise, have to achieve top performances with an average duration of time several times a week, such as working dogs or dogs that practice sports like canicross and agility. Sport-Life Excellent can also be suitable for dogs that have difficulty gaining weight.

  • Protein content: 32 percent
  • Fat content: 22 percent
  • Energy: 4380 kcal per kilo of food

Did you know this?

For explosive, short-term sport activities and short distances, a dog mainly uses carbohydrates as fuel. For endurance sports and longer distances for which you need a lot of stamina, fats are particularly needed as an energy source.

Chicken and turkey

Standard Fit, Super Active and Sport-Life Excellent are all based on the same ingredients. The main difference lies in the amount of proteins and fats. All three diets contain chicken and turkey, that are naturally high in protein which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and a good muscle condition. In addition, all diets contain salmon oil that is rich in omga-3 fatty acids that support a healthy coat and learning ability.

More is not always better

A diet higher in protein, fat and energy is not necessarily better. It depends on the individual dog’s needs. A not so active dog given a high-energy diet is likely to gain weight, with the risk of getting overweight. In that case you can decide to food less, but it very important that your dog has a satiated feeling after eating. So instead of feeding a small amount of Sport-Life Excellent your dog might be better off with a little more Super Active. Or, in case of a small amount of Super Active: a bit more Standard Fit.

What does ‘active’ mean?

What is exactly ‘active’, and how much does your dog have to eat in that case? On the packaging of ProCare Standard Fit and ProCare Super Active we provide dietary advice for the following activity levels:

  • Less active (less than 1 hour per day)
  • Normally active (1-3 hours per day)
  • Very active (more than 3 hours a day)

The packaging of ProCare Sport-Life Excellent is based on:

  • Active (3 hours a day)
  • Very active (3-6 hours a day)
  • Extremely active (more than 6 hours a day)

Please note: our feeding guides serve as a general guideline only. Every dog ​​has its own energy needs!

Especially for athletes

Pressed kibble is highly concentrated and therefore has less volume, which means that compared to extruded kibble serving sizes are smaller. This ensures a lower stomach load, making it ideal for active dogs. Because of this, pressed food often suits performance dogs better than extruded food.

Do I have to switch?

What if your competition dog thrives well on ProCare Super Active? Is there any need then to switch to ProCare Sport-Life Excellent? ‘If something works for your dog, don’t change it, but leave it that way’, is what Mr Verkade, founder of Prins, always said. If you want to know if another diet might suit your dog better, contact our CareTeam for free tailored advice. This also applies when you have a puppy or a senior dog, or a dog with health problems. For these dogs we have special meals.

How much?

Prins ProCare Sport-Life Excellent is not (yet) indicated on our measuring cups, but the kibble is equally concentrated and has the same density as Prins ProCare Super Active. That means you can use the Super Active measuring cup to serve your dog the desired portion of Sport-Life Excellent.

For dogs that need even more

For super sprinters such as greyhounds and real endurance athletes like sled dogs for which Sport-Life Excellent is not enough, Prins has a professional SportCare nutrition line, developed and tested in association with professionals: SportCare Racing & Sprint, SportCare Running & Trail and SportCare Working & Endurance. Please ask the nutritionists of our CareTeam for more information!

Bonny from the CareTeam

Looking for sport-tips? The CareTeam loves to help with free advice!