Spring is just around the corner! Therefore we’ve made a list of fun games for both dogs and cats that you can do together so you both can relax on the couch in the evening! A mix of educational activities, self-made toys and exercises to improve your mutual bond. Let’s get started!

For the dog

#1 Holiday Games!

Playing with your dog or cat

Whether it's the Easter Egg Hunt, baking special Christmas cookies or making a very scary Halloween toy for your dog. You'll make them very happy with it! Not only you but also your four-legged friend will enjoy the good times with you. With a few resources you can create a lot of fun!

#2 Fun with a snack

A tasty snack can also help you in doing fun activities with your dog. For example, try clothesline sausage! For this fun version of the old fashioned cookie-bites, you need: a few meters of clothesline and a piece of Prins NatureCare sausage, cut into thin slices. You can also use this sausage, if you have an older dog, for the game of jeans sausage! All you need to do is take an old pair of jeans out of the closet and the fun can begin.

#3 Doing the craft yourself

It's fun to buy new toys or games for your pet, but did you know it's even more fun if you can make them yourself? How about a sniffer heart? Or a clover? Both suitabel for big and small dogs. Click here for more examples of toys you can make for your dog!

For the cat

#1 Learning to high-five and play fetch

When teaching a high-five to your cat, you might think of a dog giving a paw, but you can also train a cat to do this exercise! Cat behavioral specialist Maggie Ruitenberg: "If you hold something the cat wants just out of its reach, the animal will almost always try to get it with its paws. So if you spread a bit of Prins Play & Care reward cream on your hand and hold it in his field of vision, but just out of reach, he will automatically extend his paw. You can even play fetch with your cat! Let's try it out!

#2 Power of Catnip

Catnip is called catnip for a reason: many cats love this plant! If they get wind of this herb, they can become completely enchanted by it. You can use catnip to make certain places or toys attractive to the cat. The plant can be bought from pet stores in various forms: dried and e.g. processed in toys, but also as a spray. You can also plant it in your garden.

#3 The magic of ... a cardboard box!

Even with simple empty cardboard boxes you can do all sorts of fun games with your cat! Almost any box is suitable for the cutest things. From shoe boxes to banana boxes: you can really come up with all kinds of things. Take a look here for some inspiration! But, of course, we like to challenge you too! So please let us know if you have any other fun game ideas!

p.s. You can also easily make your own toy for your cat! How about a fun tinkle toy? Check it out here.

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