Exercising with your dog? Do! Being active together in a sport that suits both of you is healthy and gives pleasure. With dogs there are many different sports, agility will be the most familiar. But do you also know hoopers, canicross, dog frisbee and flyball? There’s plenty to do and something for everyone! We will introduce you to 5 different sports.

Sports with your dog: 5 different sports


Do you and your dog like obstacles? Perhaps Agility is your thing. Agility is a sport in which your dog has to complete an obstacle course as quickly as possible under your supervision. The obstacles you may encounter are height jumps, width jumps, tunnels, slaloms and a fence. Check our article for more information. 

Find a nice and good dog school. Go and see, then you will find out if you and your dog like it.

Sporten met je hond: Agility


With canicross it sometimes seems like you are flying! Canicross is running in nature with a dog that is allowed to pull so that owner and dog run together as fast as possible over unpaved paths. The dog is attached with a special harness and a flex line of two meters long to a hip belt that goes around the waist of the owner. The dog pulls the owner forward with this line, this cooperation allows you to run much faster than without a dog. Other forms of this sport are bikejöring and stepping, where the dog's leash is attached to a special frame of a bicycle or scooter.

You actually combine two fun things: you are practicing a sport you like, running, cycling or scootering, and you are doing it together with your dog.


Dogfrisbee is, as the name says, playing Frisbee with your dog. The sport has two disciplines: distance and freestyle. At distance it’s about the dog. He catches as many frisbees within a certain distance within a certain time. In freestyle, the owner and the dog earn points by performing a show to music, where they do tricks together with a Frisbee. Whoever gets the most points, wins. Dog Frisbee can be practiced anywhere, because you do not need heavy attributes. Ideal!

The best part is the enthusiasm of my dog when I get the Frisbee. He cannot wait to go.

Sporten met je hond: Dogfrisbee


Flyball is the only team relay-dogsport. A team consists of four dogs and four handlers (dog owners). The goal is that each dog completes the course with four obstacles as quickly as possible and without error, quickly picks up the ball that the dog has to get out of a device and goes back over the course as quickly as possible. When the first dog has done that, the next dog may start and so on. The fastest team wins. Sometimes it really comes down to thousands of seconds, so that can be very exciting!

Flyball is not just something you do with your dog, but with the whole team.


In hoopers the handler (boss) steers his dog with his voice and possibly hands over a course with gates, barrels and tunnels. Because the handler himself does not run, the dog must use his brain well during this sport. As a result, hoopers offer the dog both a physical and mental challenge. Hoopers is suitable for every dog, you can determine the speed and can therefore choose to make less tight turns or not to use jumps!

The most important thing about Hoopers is that owner and dog work well together.

Sporten met je hond: Hoopers

Doing sports with your dog? An appropriate diet is important!

Are you excited to play sports with your dog or are you and your four-legged friend already active together? When you are going to sport with your dog on a regularly but as a hobby, a special sport feed is often not necessary. Just make sure that your dog gets enough energy and keep an eye on his weight. Does your dog really have to deliver top performance? Appropriate nutrition is extra important. The food from our SportCare food line will provide the right support for your sporting dog! Our SportCare line is not available in pet stores, but our CareTeam will be happy to tell you more about it.

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