Dogs love a snack just like we do! A tasty bone or other treat to help with training, as a reward for good behavior, to ensure healthy teeth or just for fun. But how do you make sure that you let your dog snack in a healthy and responsible way? We give you 4 important tips:

#1 Snacking at the table?

Do you like to feed your dog from your plate or can you simply not resist the begging puppy eyes when you are eating? Nevertheless, as an owner it is better not to give your own food scraps to your dog. Our own food often contains too much fat, salt, sugar and energy for your dog, or may even contain ingredients that are toxic. Read more here.

#2 A complete diet for your pet

In addition, it's good to keep in mind that giving your dog snacks should be primarily in addition to his full meal. Your dog needs, besides all these treats, a complete and balanced diet with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids in the right amount for their specific stage of life. Treats in addition to this are not sufficient and can’t provide your four-legged friend with all his nutritional needs. Questions about which complete food is best for your dog? Ask our Prins CareTeam!

#3 Everything in moderation

As with us humans, it is not good for dogs to snack too much in addition to their normal diet. For example, it is not recommended that more than 10% of your dog's average calorie intake on a day should come from snacks. This is how you make sure your dog maintains a normal weight!

#4 Safety First

Choose a chew or snack that is the right size and shape for your dog, to reduce the risk of choking. Yet there is still a chance that your dog swallows large pieces at once. So stay close to your dog when you let him enjoy a munchkin and make sure that it is not too hard for your dog's teeth. Chews and treats that are not pliable or do not soften quickly and easily when chewed, can break or damage your dog's teeth. Ask your local petstore for advice if you are unsure if a bone or treat is suitable. 

Of course, you can also make the tastiest snacks for your dog yourself! Take a look here for some inspiration. Or watch how you can use our Prins reward creams as a snack and training aid.

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