In order to be able to digest and absorb nutrients properly, not only a good diet is important. The feeding method, the way of feeding, also plays an important role. We give you tips for responsible feeding.

We are happy to give you advice on how you can keep your dog active and healthy with the right feeding method.

The methods

  • Preferably distribute the daily food over at least two meals a day, preferably three. This puts less strain on the stomach and improves the absorption of nutrients. For example, you can give your dog part of his meal in the evening before you go to sleep.
  • Sufficient rest before and after the meal is important for a good digestion and a better use of the nutrients.
  • Keep a close eye on your dog's stool, because you can tell a lot from it. A good stool has a dark brown color, is compact and firm in structure.
  • Provide sufficient fresh water at room temperature. Cold water is an extra attack on the dog's stomach and can lead to diarrhea.

Preferably not

We prefer not to give supplementary food such as bread, cheese or table scraps. Also limit dog snacks such as buffalo skin sticks, bull peck and dental sticks. These extras can disrupt digestion. Do you temporarily feed your dog fresh meat with rice to solve a health problem such as diarrhea? Do not give your dog extra food!

Pamper your dog responsibly

You can pamper and reward your dog by giving a small piece/slice of apple, cucumber or carrot as a delicacy. Apple, cucumber and carrot can be given in moderation. They contain a lot of moisture and your dog will easily urinate again. You can also keep part of the daily portion of chunks or fresh meat food separate and use it to reward your dog. Often it doesn't really matter what you give, it's mainly about the gesture that you give him something!

Reward your dog with a piece of apple, cucumber or carrot.

Food enrichment

Dogs like to use their brain and nose. Through what is called food enrichment you can make your animal work for his food in different ways. For example, you can hide chunks, which he then has to look up again. You can also offer the food in a hollow, rubber feeding toy like the Kong. Your dog will have to get his meal out of the toy, and it will take a long time. For example, fill the Kong with Prins Train & Care reward cream in a tube or our NatureCare Dog meat meal. Hide the stuffed Kong, so your dog has to find his meal first. Or use a special food ball or puzzle. At the pet store you can get good advice on which feeding toy is most suitable for your dog. Remove feeding toys as soon as they are empty. This prevents your dog from destroying them and ensures that they remain interesting.


You can collect empty toilet rolls and use them to hide food. Think of filling a cardboard box with toilet rolls, between which you can sprinkle chunks. You can also put chunks in a toilet roll and then fold it shut, so that the dog really has to make an effort to get to his food.

Tasty chewing

Dogs have the need to chew, and it is important to meet that need. There are many different kinds of plastic and rubber toys available at the pet store, with grooves and cut-outs which, as soon as the dog chews them, rub along the teeth and gums and have a cleansing effect. Not only fun to chew, but also nurturing. You can put these toys in the bag of chunks for a day or put some meat on them to make them extra attractive for the dog. You can also give them a big chewy bone of a suitable size for your dog.


Never leave your dog unattended with a snack. Prevent your dog from swallowing large pieces of chewing bone and make sure the material is safe and not too hard for his teeth. Let your dog chew for half an hour to an hour a day and then take the chewing material away by exchanging it for something else tasty or a toy. This way you avoid prey envy.

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