Cats are originally desert dwellers and therefore don't naturally drink very much. This can cause annoying urinary tract problems. Therefore, for their health, it is important that they drink enough. So: make some shakes!

Do this

Provide a mixing/ serving bowl and a teaspoon (cat) or tablespoon (dog).


  • For your cat: cat milk
  • For your dog: yoghurt or quark
  • Some Prins Train & Care reward cream

How to make the shakes

Mix a few teaspoons of cat milk with a teaspoon of reward cream for your cat and a few tablespoons of yoghurt or quark with a tablespoon of reward cream for your dog. Just loosen the cream with the rounded side of the spoon, stir well... done! Adjust the amount to the size of your animal, serve the shake immediately and do not leave any leftovers to prevent spoilage.      



Is your animal intolerant for milk protein or lactose (milk sugar)? replace the dairy product with water.

Swallowing tip

Does your dog or cat need to swallow a pill or powder, and can that supplement or medicine be given in combination with food? Mix it with a shake! That can work really well.

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