Make delicious pancakes for dogs! Prepare a mixing bowl and a small skillet and a plate to assemble the pancakes, and have a whisk and a sauce spoon/small ladle on hand.


  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 egg
  • some Prins Train & Care reward cream
  • 1 cup of water
  • some oil to bake in

How to make pancakes for dogs

Mix the flour with the egg and the reward cream and add the water to make a batter. Heat some oil in the frying pan and use one or two spoonfuls of batter at a time to make pancakes about ten centimeters in diameter. You can use the heart shape to cut out heart-shaped pancakes. Of course your pet will love the leftovers! You can freeze the leftover pancakes.

Cookie monsters!

pancakes met smiley

Turn your dog pancakes into real cookie monsters: 'draw' funny faces on them with the reward cream tube.

Fuel for your brain

Flour contains a lot of carbohydrates. Dogs are carnivores, but they can also digest carbohydrates and absorb the energy from them. Did you know that brains need carbohydrates to function properly?

Game tip

The KONG is a hollow bouncing toy made of rubber that you can fill with all kinds of treats. For example, squeeze some reward cream from the tube into the Kong, 'stuff' a pancake into it and you have the perfect activity toy!

And for your cat?

Cats are not really into pancakes. But you can give them a treat in a very simple way, even with a tube of reward cream! By squeezing the tube, you can, for example, make a few cute little figures on a plate for your cat to lick up. Or draw a thin line of reward cream along the outside of the baking tin and fill the heart-shape you get with kibble.

Do you feed a canned meat food? Use the baking pan as a serving ring to serve the meat as a nice heart-shaped portion.


Note: Always give your pet only a small amount of reward cream at a time, because if you snack too much you can get very nauseous, you may have experienced yourself. Snack in moderation. That's when you enjoy it the most!

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