A broken heart is not a bad thing in the case of these cookies. Break your baked goods into small pieces for extra frequent rewards!

 Preheat the oven to about 180 degrees, line the baking sheet or grid with a piece of baking paper and grab a mixing bowl and a fork. Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature. And keep your pets away from the oven for a while to prevent them from burning their nosy noses!


To make the cookies

Mix the flour with the egg and the reward cream. If necessary, add one or a few splashes of water, until you get a workable dough. Dust your work surface and the dough with a little flour, so that it is less sticky, and shape the dough with your hands and fingers into a flat slice about half an inch thick. Use the baking pan to cut out hearts from the dough.  If the dough is very sticky and tacky, you can fill the heart mold with dough and then remove it. You can let the dough rest in cling film in the refrigerator for a while, if desired, or stiffen it up in the freezer so it becomes firmer. Do you get more chunks than hearts? Don't worry: your pet will love those just as much, it will all be fine! Depending on their size and thickness, bake the cookies in the middle of the oven for about 20 minutes until they are nicely golden brown and fully cooked.                 

Break it up!

Of course you care about your pet, but let the cookies cool well before you give them to them! Break the hearts into small pieces before giving them to your pet. You can use the heartbreakers in your training. Put a cookie in your (coat) pocket and every time your animal does something right, break a piece off to reward him. For example, does your dog sit nicely when putting on his collar? Cookie!  Does he come running to you during the walk? Cookie!

Leftover cookies?

Treat the dog next door or hand them out at the dog school! The hearts are crispy on the outside, but remain somewhat juicy on the inside due to the egg and cream. They therefore have a limited storage possibility. In a storage box or can they stay good for a few days. Tip: you can also freeze them for later use.

Make it your own!

With our basic recipe for heartbreakers you can vary your cookie recipe to find the ultimate recipe for your favorite cookies. You can 'play' with the baking times and ingredients and substitute the baking flour for another type, for example, or add a teaspoon of finely chopped parsley. Did you know that parsley contains many vitamins and minerals? Vitamin E contributes to the optimal functioning of your heart. Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E. Add a small teaspoon of it to your dough!


Want to vary your dough in a healthy way? Use some grated apple in your recipe or a few pieces of blueberry. Blueberries contain many antioxidants and can contribute to good health.

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