Dogs and cats who suffer from anxiety, stress or fear of fireworks can use a little bit of extra support. Our Prins Resist foods contain a mix of natural herbs that have a peaceful effect, boost the immune system and increase resistance. 

The unique Resist herbal mix has been specially composed for Prins to support dogs and cats during stressful periods. The herbs increase the oxygen level in the blood, which enhances organ function, and creates more peace in the body of your dog or cat. Additionally, the Resist foods lead to a general improvement of the animal's fitness, which is reflected by a healthy, shiny coat and optimal digestion.

Start on time!

For an optimal result, we recommend that you start giving Resist food several weeks before a stressful period. So, well before New Year's, or before your pet will be staying at a kennel.


For dogs, we offer Prins ProCare Resist Calm, a high-quality dry food in the form of extruded kibble, and Prins TotalCare Resist Calm Complete, a complete, frozen, fresh meat meal that combines perfectly with a kibble diet. For cats, we offer the extruded kibble food Prins VitalCare Resist Calm

Try it via the relax box! 

Try our Resist food by treating your dog or cat to a special relax box! The relax box contains a small packaging (3 kg for dogs or 1.5 kg for cats) of the food, a free NatureCare product and a booklet with fun tips, because you can also use the box for all sorts of fun activities with your dog or cat.


Border Collie Guinness wasn't afraid of thunder and fireworks until lightning struck a few years ago... This traumatic experience made him terrified of loud bangs. But Prins Resist proved to work wonders! Read his story here.

Tailored advice 

Would you like to know more about our Resist foods, or do you need advice on how best to handle stress or fear (of fireworks)? Please let us know. The Prinse CareTeam is at your service!

Annerike from the CareTeam

Questions about your pet's behaviour? The CareTeam loves to help you with free advice!