Prins ProCare Protection is a 100% natural pressed kibble with unique ingredients for medium and large-size dogs of all ages that, in view of their build and lifestyle, need something extra. Why this food line? We are happy to answer your questions.

Not another food line! Is there really a need for it?

We know that our product offering is no longer as clearly set out as it was when Mr Verkade, founder of Prins Petfoods, introduced our first dog foods. At the time there only were two choices: Standard and Dinner. With the arrival of the new Protection Line, we now have over fifty different dog foods. Because our knowledge of nutrition is constantly increasing and we continue to innovate, the number of value-added foods is constantly increasing as well. The new Prins ProCare Protection Line is adding a new dimension to our product portfolio. 

Is Prins ProCare Protection better than the Prins or other food I am currently feeding my dog?

It’s different. ProCare Protection is specifically designed for dogs weighing approximately 25 kilos or more that may be more susceptible to digestive, muscle, joint or heart problems, age more rapidly and run a greater risk of overfeeding. Prins ProCare Protection offers this target group extra preventive support. If you would like to know whether Protection is best suited for your dog, our CareTeam is happy to assist you with custom nutritional advice. 

I understand that ProCare Protection is meant for dogs weighing 25 kilos or more. Does this mean that I should not give this food to smaller dogs?

ProCare Protection was specifically developed for medium and large-size dogs, and the kibble size was specifically designed for such dogs. Small or smaller dogs could eat Prins ProCare Protection, provided – and this is important – they are able to cope with a somewhat larger chunk size. Specially for small dogs we offer the Protection Croque Mini line, suitable for dogs up to 10 kilograms.

ProCare Protection is the very first dog food with Schüssler cell salts. Sounds interesting, but exactly what is that?

Cell salts are not salts, but minerals named after the German doctor W.H. Schüssler (1821-1898), who pioneered working with cell salts. These are natural body substances that must be present in the body in certain quantities in order for the body’s cells to be able to function properly. By adding cell salts to foods, any shortages can be supplemented or necessary reserves can be built up. Every Protection variant has its own, specific minerals mix.

Sounds good. But where exactly do these cell salts come from?

Cell salts are always derived from a natural source. For example, cell salt number 11, silicon, which is contained in Prins ProCare Protection Super Active is extracted from sand. Calcium cell salts can be extracted from shells, for example. Still other cell salts are extracted from water. Industrial by-products may not be used as a source of cell salts. Through thinning and grinding, the molecules in the mineral salt can be isolated and so finely distributed that they can be absorbed by the mucous membrane.

Cell salts help the body’s cells function properly.

What is the significance of the ‘Natural Prebiotic’ label on the packaging?

Prebiotics are natural food fibres, such as chicory and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), that have a positive effect on the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and provide for a healthy intestinal flora. Prebiotics are different from probiotics. Prebiotics are non-digestible food fibres that stimulate the intestinal flora and thus support health. Probiotics are living microorganisms that contribute to a healthy intestinal flora. Prebiotics are a source of food for probiotics. Probiotics too have been added to the Protection foods.

So what about these probiotics?

The intestines contain a staggering number of bacteria that help animals stay healthy. These organisms help digest food and protect against pathogens. Probiotics are live bacteria that can positively affect health. To give nature a helping hand when necessary, we have added the Bacillus subtilis to our Protection foods. These bacteria are inactive in the food and only become active once they are inside the digestive system. Bacillus subtilis provides support by consuming oxygen inside the large intestine. This improves the ability of beneficial bacteria that do not need oxygen to grow and also reduces the ability of pathogens to cause any harm.

I see that the composition also includes ingredients such as blood plasma, taurine, L-carnitine, silymarin and various herbs... What are all these good for?

We only add ingredients to our foods that really make a difference. Our dietary experts are able to explain exactly why we use certain substances. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact the Prins CareTeam or ask us any questions live during the special fan days we organise to give everyone an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.

I would like to feed my dog Protection, but why is it not available everywhere?

Because we consider it important that our foods are accompanied by expert advice, Prins has specifically decided to only offer ProCare Protection at selected sales outlets with the right knowledge and experience with our products so as to be able to provide you with the right advice. View the sales outlets here or conveniently place an order online at

I prefer to give my dog the most natural food possible. How natural is ProCare Protection?

ProCare Protection is a 100% natural pressed kibble prepared at a lower temperature, as a result of which the raw materials are minimally affected by heat. Like other Prins foods, ProCare Protection is without colourings, aromas and flavourings. It’s also good to know that it has not been tested on animals.

I still have some questions!

We love questions! Our Prins CareTeam is happy to assist you! 

Marjolein from the CareTeam

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