Under the motto ‘Check that poo!’ Prins Petfoods is launching an informative, inspiring and surprising campaign this spring about dog and cat faeces. Research by the Dutch family company, which yielded responses from 1,692 dog and cat owners, shows that there are many questions about what an animal’s stool should actually look like. What are specific alarm signals, for example, and what to do in case of bowel problems.

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Dr. Ollie to the rescue

Via checkdiedrol.prinspetfoods.nl owners can check their animal’s poo and receive nutritional advice. They get help from the playful Dr. Ollie, which could be loosely translated as doctor S. Tool, an animated fly with a lot of hands-on experience. Using a scorecard, he explains that both shape and colour of dog and cat poop can say something about diet and digestion and thus the health of the animal.

The effect of nutrition

It turns out that 39 percent of dog and 21 percent of cat owners have switched to a different diet, in the hope that it would improve their animal’s stools. This switch turned out to be successful for no less than 90 percent of the dogs and 80 percent of the cats. During the campaign this spring, owners will receive a free poo bag holder or a cat litter scoop for their animal when they purchase a Prins Protection kibble food with prebiotics and probiotics for good digestion. 

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