100 percent natural food, without colorants, aromatic substances or flavorings: that’s what Prins stands for! But did you know that we also produce part of our kibble feeds in our own factory? In here we work hard every day to make our pressed kibble for your dog. Chunks that have many advantages for both the environment and your dog.

Prins is the market leader in the field of pressed dog food in the Netherlands. Our pressed kibble is therefore a product of which we are particularly proud!

The production process

We use high-quality raw materials in the production of our compressed food. The mixture of raw materials is pressed through the mould (forming plate) at a temperature of approximately 75 degrees Celsius. Because of this relatively low temperature, the raw materials experience minimal heating load. It’s important that the grains are precooked so that your pet can properly utilize and digest the carbohydrates.

The advantages of our Prins pressed kibble!

  • Our pressed kibble is a concentrated feed. Because all the nutrients are pressed together and there is no air in the chunks, these chunks take up less space. Not only in the packaging, but also in the stomach! This ensures that you need to give smaller portions of this kibble. Good for the digestion!

  • This kibble disintegrates in the stomach, so the stomach load is small. The kibble is quickly and easily digested and nutrients are gradually absorbed into the body of your pet. This makes our pressed kibble great for active dogs and sporting dogs!
  • Pregnant female dogs can also benefit from the high nutrient density in a pressed kibble diet. It can happen that a dam will want to eat less at the end of her pregnancy because the almost full-grown pups will get in the way and press against her stomach, while she still needs more energy-rich food at that time. Thanks to our pressed kibble she still gets enough "fuel" when she eats smaller portions.

Good for the animal and the environment

Because all the nutrients in this chunk are pressed together and there’s no air in the chunks, they take up less space in the packaging. For 15 kg of pressed kibble we use the same size bag as for 10 kg of our crispy kibble. That saves about 30 percent in packaging material! Moreover, more kilos of kibble fit on one pallet, so less transport is needed, and because it’s prepared at a lower temperature we need less energy. Good for the animal and the environment!

Many dogs find our pressed kibble very tasty.

Ideal for the difficult eater!

Many dogs find our pressed kibble very tasty, making it ideal for fussy eaters. Some dogs have to get used to their pressed food, for instance because no artificial aromas and flavours have been added to our kibble, or because pressed kibble isn’t provided with a layer of fat like crispy chunks. With pressed kibble, oils and fats are processed at the same time as the other ingredients.

Tip: add a dash of warm water to a foodbowl with pressed kibble. This makes the chunks (even) more attractive!

Our range of pressed dog food:

Prins ProCare Protection

Extra support for (medium-)large dogs, from puppy to senior

Prins ProCare

Complete line with a suitable food for every dog, from puppy to senior

Prins ProCare Mini

Complete line suitable for small dogs, from puppy to senior

Prins ProCare Grainfree

Complete and balanced grain-free pressed food for dogs of all breeds and ages

Prins SportCare

Food especially for dogs that need to perform at their best in sports or work

Pressed dietetic food

ProCare Diet Skin & Bowel Hypoallergenic, ProCare Diet Muscles & Joints and ProCare Diet Weight Control & Diabetes

Does the pressed kibble fit my dog?

Every dog is different. One dog will do well with our pressed kibble, the other will not. It’s good to find out what your dog responds well to! Want to know more, or are you in doubt about what’s right for your pet? Don’t hesitate to ask our CareTeam for advice!

Annerike from the CareTeam

Questions about your pet's behaviour? The CareTeam loves to help you with free advice!