Being overweight increases the risk of health issues. You don’t want that to happen! We are happy to give you some advice. When your dog gets overweight, it is important to adapt the food and/or increase the exercise.


  • Fat, big belly, no waistline.
  • No stamina.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Little activity, lots of sleeping.

Does your dog have a healthy weight? Check its condition at the our bodyscore-chart.


Prins has developed different food products for obese dogs.


  • Provide plenty of exercise.
  • Play with your dog!
  • Present its meals in a food dispenser or puzzle.

We are here to help!

Would you like to know which food matches your dog best? Or maybe an advice on how to get your dog moving? Ask the Prins CareTeam for advice!

Mariska from the CareTeam

Optimally taking care of your pet? The CareTeam loves to help you with free advice!