Obesity increases the risk of health issues. For example diabetes, struvite crystals and heart and respiratory issues. When a cat gets overweight, it is important to adapt the food and/or increase the exercise. Does your cat have a healthy weight? Check its condition at the bodyscore-chart. 


  • Fat, big belly, no waistline.
  • No stamina.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Little activity, lots of sleeping.


Avoid any supplementary food like sausages and cheese, these are real fatteners! In addition, provide plenty of exercise. Play with your cat or present its meals in a food dispenser or similar products. And check out our tips for obese cats. Losing weight too quickly may result in dangerous situations!


  • VitalCare Diet Weight Reduction & Diabetic extruded food is perfect for cats that need to lose weight responsibly and to support the regulation of the blood sugar levels. The food is low in calories and has supportive qualities for the cat during the period of weight loss.
  • NatureCare Diet Cat Weight Reduction & Diabetic is a wet food with extra dietary fibers, which help reduce the appetite and support your cat during the period of weight loss.
  • VitalCare IndoorVitalCare Sterilised and VitalCare Protection Indoor are extruded foods specifically for indoor cats which are often a little less active. They stimulate fat burning and contain extra fibers that give a sense of satiety. These foods are suitable to offer to your cats once it is back at a healthy weight, to prevent new weight gain.


You can alternate between the dry and wet foods from our dietetic range, so you can vary healthily and responsibly.

Keep in mind!

Losing weight too quickly or fasting is not good for your cat and might even lead to dangerous situations. So make sure your cat loses weight gradually (no more than two percent of its bodyweight per week) and keeps eating. The CareTeam can help you draw up a responsible weight loss plan for your pet.

Annerike from the CareTeam

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