Never before in the history of our company have prices worldwide risen so sharply due to a scarcity of quality raw materials, transportation and energy. It is not a matter of a few percent rise, but often several tens of percent. Sometimes there is even a historical tripling or fivefold increase in costs. This also has consequences for our Prins products.

The ingredients for our kibble, the cans for our meat meals and the wooden pallets on which we transport our products… everything has become more expensive, and all costs are logically passed on by our suppliers. We have been able to limit the impact of this by making responsible choices, but we cannot avoid the fact that our product prices have risen from January 1st 2022.

Quality first

We could reduce prices by, for example, choosing cheaper raw materials of lower quality. But that does not reflect who we are. At Prins, we want the very best for the well-being of both animals, people and the environment. ‘Quality first’ is therefore our first and most important core value. Our 100 percent natural foods must exceed expectations, not cause disappointment. We do not compromise when it comes to quality.

This causes prices to rise

Due to less supply and therefore poorer availability as a result of the pandemic, changing legislation and the climate (such as bad harvests), prices for raw materials we use, such as meat and grains, have risen enormously. Prices for oils, for example, have never been so high in ten years. Production, which fell in many countries due to the pandemic, is picking up again, but cannot keep up with demand. This results in higher prices.

Investing in the future

At Prins, we keep moving forward. We continue to invest in the future. In our products, but also in expert personnel and good equipment. In our own certified laboratory, for example. Also in a new press for our pressed kibble, which has been in use since last November and with which we can count on a reliable production for years to come. We focus on sustainability by using as many raw materials as possible by local sourcing and by switching to even more sustainable packaging material. So that we can continue to do what we want most: delivering quality products.

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