A festive introductory presentation of Pets Vision, a magazine specifically designed for animal professionals, took place on Tuesday 13 July. Although most animal professionals focus on dogs, the number of professionals focusing on cats, rabbits, herptiles  and other pets is growing. Time for them to have their own magazine: Pets Vision. 

Pets Vision enables the animal professional to even better help pet owners and contributes to enhancing the welfare of pets. After all, the demand for assistance is far more diverse and complex than ever before. Animal professionals include behavioural experts, cynological and other instructors, dog walkers and pet sitters, pet grooming salons, pet shop and animal shelter workers, etc. Regardless of whether they are animal professionals as part of their profession or hobby, they do their work with passion and conviction, and with love for animals. Due to the varied supply of articles, consumers with more than average interest can also find valuable information in Pets Vision.

Pets Vision provides a broad view of the pet sector. The reader is provided with professional knowledge, explanations of scientific research, insights from peer animal professionals and great animal stories combined in a stylish jacket. The professional learns and upgrades his/her knowledge with education and (scientifically supported) information about the animal in which he/she specialises. The Pets Vision magazine provides greater depth in this respect. It offers varied information that entertains, touches, inspires and motivates the reader. Readers are provided with knowledge and insights that enable them to broaden their perspective and to establish a connection with others. 

Objectives of Pets Vision:

  • To inform animal professionals about developments in the sector, provide new insights, explain (scientific) research, provide great stories, etc. 
  • To establish a connection between animal professionals themselves and between veterinarians and non-veterinarian professionals. 
  • To form part of a platform that supports and educates the animal professional.

Pets Vision is a publication of EduPet Uitgeverij and is published three times per year in the Netherlands and Belgium. For order information for separate issues and a subscription visit this website.  

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