Dog with diarrhea? That can be very unpleasant. Possible causes of diarrhea in dogs is additional food, a worm contamination, virus or a bacteria. In this article we discuss the symptoms, possible causes and what you can do about it. Diarrhea can occur acute and short or be chronical. 

Pay attention: Always go to the vet with long lasting diarrhea or pups with diarrhea, because of the danger of dehydration.

The causes:

  • Ate something wrong;
  • Too much additional food and/or snacks;
  • A virus infection;
  • Parasitic infections like worms;
  • Ate a strange object.

Possible solution

There isn’t one solution to stop your dog’s diarrhea, because the causes of diarrhea in dogs are different. The Prins CareTeam would love to help you with looking for a suitable diet.

Tips for dogs with diarrhea

  1. Stimulate moisture absorption: your dog loses a lot of fluid with diarrhea. Make sure he receives plenty of water to prevent dehydration. 
  2. Provide sufficient and an easily digestible diet: with diarrhea is the gastro-intestinal system of your dog upset for a little while. An easily digestible diet is easier to digest. The Prins CareTeam loves to help you with looking for a suitable diet. 
  3. Go outside more often with your dog: if your dog has problems with thin stool, he will have to do his business more often than usual. Take him out more often so he doesn’t have to hold it in or have an unforeseen accident.

Do you need help?

Does your dog have diarrhea? Contact our Prins CareTeam for free advice.  

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