You can make this ringing toy in different versions. From now on your dog or cat will have its own doorbell!

For this toy you need fleece fabric cut into strips and one or more bells, available in various shapes and sizes at hobby and haberdashery stores.


Using three strips each, make one or more fleece braids in lengths and colors of your choice. Attach the braids to each other and, according to your own ideas and wishes, tie a handle to them. Cut two thin strips of fleece at the ends of the braid(s), to which you can tie a bell.


Before you begin, a few things are very important to know:

  • Let your dog or cat only play under supervision and never with a fleece toy alone. Playing with fleece is something you do together!
  • Prevent your animal from breaking the toy and/or swallowing pieces of it.
  • Prevent more than one animal from playing with the toy at the same time, as this can lead to unintentional competition and aggression.

Cat bell

If you tie a handle to the fleece braid with bell(s), you can hold the toy yourself while your cat taps it with his paw and plays with it. A lot of fun guaranteed!

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