When it is very hot outside, you can treat your dog to a refreshing snack. With some pieces of Prins NatureCare sausage you can make a tasty ice cream in no time!

It is important to know that eating (or drinking) too much ice-cold food can cause gastrointestinal problems if your dog is sensitive to them. You know your dog best: do you doubt whether giving him ice cream is wise? Then don't!

What do I need?

Depending on how many dogs you have and how many ice creams you want to make: one or more Prins NatureCare sausages and one or more plastic cups. For the ice cream we are making here, half a sausage is needed.

How do I make the ice cream?

  • First slice the sausage and then cut it into small cubes.
  • Fill a plastic cup with the sausage cubes. Depending on the size of your dog, fill the cup more or less full. Then add water so that the cubes are submerged.
  • Place the cup in the freezer for at least half a day.
  • Take the cup out of the freezer and cut it open lengthwise to take out the frozen ice cream. The cup itself can then be thrown away.

Your ice cream is ready!

Always rinse the ice cream under the tap first.


Always rinse the ice cream under the tap before giving it to your dog. This prevents him from sticking to it with his tongue.

Before you actually give the ice cream to your dog, see how he reacts to it. Licking and biting off small pieces of is good, but it is not the intention that the dog swallows this cold chunk at once. If necessary, keep holding the ice cream yourself.

Enjoy! But in moderation, because too much ice cream can cause gastrointestinal problems. Some dogs are more sensitive to this than others.

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