Dogs and cats love to search for the treats you can hide between the layers of this fleece heart-shaped sniffer rug.

This sniffer toy is very easy to make yourself! Instead of a heart shape you can also choose another shape. Square or round, it doesn't matter to your pet!

Here's how to make this snuggle heart...

  • Take a few large pieces of fleece in colors of your choice and draw five hearts of different sizes on them. For the biggest heart you can use a size of about 25 cm high and about 35 cm wide.
  • Cut out the hearts from the fabric and place them on top of each other, from large to smaller.
  • With scissors, carefully (!) cut two holes in the middle of the top and smallest heart and let them pass through all layers of fabric. Thread a loose strip of fleece through the holes. Use this to tie the layers together. Done!

...and this is how you play with it

Let your dog or cat watch you as you hide treats between the layers of the heart. First, place them in a slightly visible position, right along the edges. Once your animal realizes that it can find the kibble by slightly folding the layers of fabric away, you can start hiding the kibble deeper into the heart.

Step by Step

In the beginning, don’t make the game to difficult. There’s a good chance that your animal will lose interest and drop out. Help your animal if necessary. You can make the search a little more challenging as you go along, for example by rolling up or folding parts of the heart with a chunk in it. Store the sniffer heart after use so that you can treat your pet to an exciting search game the next time you feel like it!

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