The festive launch of Pets Vision took place on Tuesday 13th of July. Pets Vision is a Dutch magazine for people that work on a professional level with animals. Although most professionals work with dogs, the number of professionals that work with cats, bunnies and other pets is growing. That's why we launched Pets Vision, a magazine for all animal professionals. 

The aim of this magazine is to improve the welfare of pets. Nowadays, behavioural problems of pets are becoming more and more complex. Pets Vision guides professionals in their work. We are more than happy to help professionals by practising their jobs and support them with complex cases. This includes, but is not limited to: behavioural experts, (canine) instructors, walking services, groomers and employees of pet shops & shelters. Moreover, the content of the magazine is also interesting for the more than average interested consumer. 

Pets Vision offers you a broad outlook on the animal industry. We provide the reader with know-how from the branch, knowledge about scientific researches, insights from colleagues and just wonderful stories about animals. Pets Vision offers varied content that entertains, touches, inspires and activates. It will offer you new insights which helps you to broaden your horizons. 

The aim of Pets Vision

  • To inform professionals about the developments in the branch, to offer new insights, to explain (scientific) researches and to inspire with beautiful stories. 
  • To connect professionals with each other and with veterinary and non-veterinary professionals.
  • To be part of a platform that supports and educates professionals in the animal branch.

Pets Vision is issued by Edupet Publishing House and is issued three times a year in Dutch. You can find more information (in Dutch) on this website.  

Onthulling Pets Vision

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