Never before have you made a fun sniffing game for your dog so quickly: all you need for jeans sausage is an old pair of jeans and some treats. Dogs can play this game lying down. This makes jeans sausage ideal for dogs who cannot or should not move around much because of their age or because of an operation or injury.


  • Always supervise during this game, because it’s of course not the intention that your dog gets his head stuck in the jeans or breaks the jeans.
  • Don’t play this game with multiple dogs at the same time, this can unintentionally provoke competition and aggression.
  • Always cut the NatureCare sausage into small pieces before using.

What you need

  • An old pair of jeans
  • One (piece) of Prins NatureCare sausage, cut into small cubes. Instead of using pieces of sausage, you can also use part of your dog's kibble meal.

How to make the game

Take an old pair of jeans and tie the legs together a few times. You can hide cubes of sausage between the large buttons, as well as in the front and butt pockets and in the ends of the pipes. Start the sniffing fun!

How to play it

Make sure your dog lies down and put the jeans between his front legs. Start the sniffing fun! Help your dog in the beginning by pointing out the sausage cubes and holding the pockets or legs slightly open so he can reach them easily. Is your dog getting the hang of it? Let him sniff around on his own until he has found all the sausage cubes. The more calmly and concentrated the dog searches, the faster he will get results. Is your dog (out of frustration) being too wild with the jeans? Make the game a little easier again by helping him. You can also just put some sausage cubes on the jeans first, so that the dog can (learn to) eat them off calmly.









Jeans all sniffed out and all the sausage eaten? You can put the pants in the washingmachine and use them again later. But first you need to check if your dog has found all the sausage cubes and give the jeans a good shake to remove the last crumbs.

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