Dogs have been one of our most popular pets for centuries. As a cuddle buddy and member of the family, they often make you, the owner, very happy. But what’s the most important thing for you as an owner? Exactly: that your dog is happy too! A happy dog gives you unconditional love and brings sunshine to your house. Who wouldn’t want that?

In this article we will give you 7 tips to give your buddy a wonderful life.

Out and about

A busy dog is a happy dog, especially when you can go out for a nice walk together. But, maybe your dog enjoys other forms of exercise as well. Try to find out what your dog likes best: swimming, walking, playing, walking next to your bike or maybe a day at the beach?

Challenge for your dog

Besides making your dog happy with a nice walk, it’s also good to challenge him mentally. Think, for example, of agility, tracking or obedience training, or ways to make feeding your dog more fun and exciting. Look for the right challenge together!


You’ll probably recognize it: Your dog as a support and friend! He’s there for you, and vice versa of course! Therefore, take the time every day to show your dog that you are there for him too, and that you love him. This means not only playing and taking care of him, but also giving hugs and spending time together.

In need of rest

Besides the fact that many dogs enjoy being in our company, they also really like to retreat to a quiet place from time to time. So make sure your dog has this place, so he can relax when needed. Your dog can recharge his energy for a while and then continue playing!

Contact with other dogs

If your dog gets along well with other dogs, this will reduce stress. If you’ve let your dog get used to social contact from a young age (socialization), they will enjoy this more when they are older and you can take your dog with you on visits or for a nice walk in nature.

A well cared for and healthy dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog! Therefore, make sure that the coat of your dog is always free of fleas, ticks, dirt and tangles. Also the ears and long tufts of hair at the legs deserve sufficient attention. When you keep this up well, this prevents many health problems in the future and your dog can fully enjoy everything. In addition, get your dog vaccinated on time and at least twice a year checked by a veterinarian, as a check-up. Do you have trouble caring for your dog’s coat? Then drive by a grooming salon for help and advice. On the website of the Martin Gaus Animal Welfare Seal of Approval you can see which approved grooming salons are in your area.

The right food

Healthy nutrition is very important for your dog. That’s why it’s good to learn more about your dogs feed and to ask the right questions. The experts of the Prins CareTeam can answer any questions you may have about the right food that suits your dog.

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