A cat in the house, that guarantees a lot of fun! Lying on the couch together, playing or even going outside. As a cat owner you know very well what your cat likes. But are you curious how to make your cat happy? Follow the 10 steps below! 

How to make your cat happy: stroke!

Most cats love it when you pet them. They like to cuddle, purr and come to you when they feel the need. But beware: every cat is different! One may want you to stroke his whole body, the other may think that a pat on the belly is going too far. Look carefully at what your cat likes and get a better relationship with your cat.

How to make your cat happy: safety first

Safety is very important for both indoor and outdoor cats. Having your cat vaccinated at the vet, treated against fleas and ticks and of course getting your cat registered and chipped, keep him healthy and makes sure he can go outside safely. Whether you let him out in the backyard by himself or he accidentally slips out when you come through the front door: you don't have to worry about that anymore!

How to make your cat happy: the importance of good nutrition

Taking good care of your cat stands with the meal you serve him every day. Did you know, for example, that ats prefer to eat a small amount several times a day? And that they find it difficult to drink enough water? Of course we have some useful tips for that too. It’s good to get involved in the subject and get advice on what suits your cat best. You can get help from the Prins CareTeam, for example!  

How to make your cat happy: the cat instinct

It is normal for cats to hunt small animals outside, such as birds, mice and insects. Even though you sometimes think it’s sad or you don’t like it: It’s part of your cat's natural behavior! Don’t punish him for this and let him perform his natural behavior and feel free.

How to make your cat happy: a dash of love!

To make your cat feel good, and yourself too, it’s good to invest time and energy in a bond between you too. So be nice to your cat! Don't punish him when he scratches the sofa, but provide an alternative: a scratching pole! If you punish your cat too much, he may feel less comfortable with you. So give him enough attention, cuddle together and invest time to give your cat for example a long petting or combing. This will make your cat relaxed and you too!

How to make your cat happy: bring the outside in

If your cat never goes outside and never gets to eat grass, it's important to have grass inside your house. Cats eat grass for their digestive system (fiber). From the grass outside, cats may vomit, but eating special cat grass will greatly reduce this. So give your cat's digestive system a boost and bring cat grass into the house! For sale at various pet stores. Do you want to know more about why your cat eats grass? Read it here!

How to make your cat happy: entertain!

Although most cats love to be alone, they also really appreciate your presence! They may miss you a bit when you leave for work or school. Do you think your cat finds it difficult to be alone? Put on some music or a talk show when you leave home. This way he still has the feeling that there are people home! You could also get a second cat, so they have each other to play with, or make sure there are enough toys and a scratching post at home so he has enough to do and will not get bored. Of course we are happy to give you tips! Here are five ways to play with your cat when you are at home! And even feeding your cat can easily be turned into a party. We will explain how you can challenge your cat to the max.

How to make your cat happy: a clean toilet

Cats prefer a clean toilet, like us! So make sure you remove feces from the litter box at least once a day and change the cat's gravel every week. Cats are very clean animals and find hygiene important. Does your cat suddenly pee next to the litter box or in other places in the house? It could be due to the litter box and the hygiene. Read more about cats and sudden non-cleanliness here.

How to make your cat happy: freedom and happiness

Cats love freedom and don’t like to feel confined. Indoor cats in particular may find it difficult if, despite their curiosity, they cannot enter a certain room. Meet them halfway! Cats are very curious and like to discover new sleeping places. Let your indoor cat outside in a safe way, for example in your own garden or on the balcony. By putting up a net, they can discover new places outside, without escaping! Would you also like to pay more attention to a nice environment for your cat? We give you some important tips.

How to make your cat happy: keep your cat healthy

A very important part of your cat's well-being is, of course, being in good health. Going to the vet when needed and treating your cat at home for fleas, ticks and other diseases is essential in your cat's life. If your cat feels healthy and strong, he’ll also radiate this and be a lot happier and more confident. To be able to contribute to the health of your cat, we have put together some tips about First Aid. This way you’ll live a long and happy life together!

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