Most cats that spend a lot of time indoors tend to become couch hangers: nice and warm by the fireplace or in the owners’ lap. Keep your cat active with our tips!

Being an active cat indoors

There are often fewer stimuli indoors than outdoors and cats can therefore become a little bored. It’s nice for them if you come up with some extra things to keep them busy. How do you do that? We would like to give you a few fun ideas to turn your couch potato into an active cat.

Bring the outdoors in

Cats love to explore, mainly with their nose. As soon as there’s something new in the house, they always have to sniff it. You can make good use of that! Go to the forest and take some leaves and pine cones home. Put them in a bowl and put some kibble in between. This way your cat has a real discovery bowl and he can actively search for his kibble.

Play hide and seek

To get the indoor cats to use their hunting instincts a little more, you can hide some treats around the house. Do this in places where your cat regularly comes, so don't make it too difficult. A cat will initially not actively look for the treats but when he learns that there’s something here and there, he may start to show more exploration behavior. This is good for his mind.


For the real hunters, it's best to get a fishing rod in the house with real feathers and other animal hair. Play for five minutes twice a day and you'll already have a happy cat. Want to keep surprising your cat? Do a fishing rod game using our Prins Play & Care Cat. Check out how you can stimulate your cat's natural behavior with the Play & Care fishing game.

Need inspiration?

Try our tips and keep your cat active inside! Do you need more inspiration with games and creative feeding? The experts from the Prins CareTeam can help you out with many more fun ideas for your couch potato!

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