Do you want to make a fun cat toy superfast? Get to work with strips of fleece! For this Prins cat toy, you need three strips of fleece fabric, each about 130 centimeters long and 6 centimeters wide.

You can vary the length and width of the strips to create a custom-made toy for your pet, and of course choose your own favorite colors.

How to make it

Take one of the strips of fleece and make a handle at the top of the strip by folding a piece of the strip in half and tying a knot in it. Cut the bottom 15 inches of the strip to create long strips there.

Cut the other two strips into three equal pieces each and tie a knot almost at the bottom of the long strip, just above the cut strands. Then cut the short pieces lengthwise as well, creating thin strips. Now you have a long strip with a bunch of strings at the bottom.

How to play with it

  • Hang the cat toy by its handle on a door handle so that your cat can play with it by itself.
  • Or grasp the handle of the toy yourself and pull it behind you, away from the cat, making the strands dance up and down. Chances are he is very interested in this fun chasing game!
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