It is perhaps one of the most underestimated nutrients: water. Especially with warm weather, it is important that your pet drinks enough. Make a tasty kibble lemonade, for example!

Our pressed dog kbbles are perfect for kibble lemonade: they dissolve very quickly in water.

How to make "kibble lemonade"

  • Put a few kibble pieces in a glass of water.
  • Wait until they are dissolved.
  • Shake or stir and then pour the water into a drinking bowl that is suitable for your dog.

Hmmm, flavored water, delicious!

brokjeslimonade benodigdheden maak brokjeslimonade door brokjes in water op te lossen  Roer de brokjeslimonade

Or try this!

You can also try to add a little more flavor to your dog's or cat's water by adding some crunchy kibble, which can impart their flavor to the water. Don't let the 'lemonade' stand too long to prevent spoilage, and make sure the water is not too cold to avoid tummy aches.

brokjeslimonade schenken in bakje brokjeslimonade aan hond geven  hond drinkt brokjeslimonade

Animals drink more...

  • When it's hot outside.
  • When they are active, for example with playing or training.
  • When they are fed a dry food. Kibble contains much less moisture (less than 14 percent) than a wet food such as a canned food or a fresh meat food. These ones can consist of as much as 80 percent water.

Water is necessary for...

  • Transporting nutrients and oxygen around the body
  • Getting rid of and excreting waste products
  • Digesting food
  • Maintaining a constant body temperature


If your animal is short on fluids, dehydration symptoms can occur. You can recognize dehydration by:

  • Pale and dry, somewhat sticky gums and/or dry eyes.
  • Skin that does not fall back smoothly but stays in a fold when you gently grab your animal's skin with your thumb and finger and then release it.
  • Sluggish behavior.

Puppies and kittens are extra sensitive to dehydration!


Drinking enough fluids is important, but don’t overdo it. Your pet does not have to drink liters of "lemonade". The important thing is that you can offer him a little tasty snack!

Water facts

How much does an animal actually drink in a day? Check out our water facts for dogs and how to get your cat to drink

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