When your cat becomes a senior, it is time to give him some extra attention and care. For successful ageing, assess your cat’s needs and the signals he’s sending.

Here are a few of our recommendations to keep your senior cat in shape:

  1. Have regular checks done by your vet. This way, potential problems can be discovered in the early stages and given the right treatment.
  2. Keep your cat moving, to ensure supple muscles. By playing with your older cat, you stimulate them to exercise. For extra body and mind challenges, you can offer its kibble in a feeding ball or puzzle.
  3. Certain muscles get weaker in senior cats. As the bladder is a muscle too, it might be sensible to check (and clean) the litter box more frequently. When you have a senior cat that is used to defecating outside, it is advisable to introduce a litter box in your home to prevent accidents.
  4. It is vital for a cat to stay hydrated. Make sure there’s fresh drinking water at room temperature available at all times. By nature, cats are minimal drinkers. Preferably, place multiple bowls in different corners of your home to stimulate their drinking. Senior cats especially need to drink sufficiently, as their kidneys slow down. You can also buy a drinking fountain, available at specialty pet stores. Many cats are attracted to running water, so that might do the trick.
  5. A senior cat can get cold faster, and look for snuggly places even at room temperature. Specialty pet stores sell special hammocks to hang up on your radiators.  
  6. Older cats often become fussy eaters. It might help to offer them small meals multiple times a day. Serve their meal at room temperature or briefly heat it up. As a cat’s appetite is stimulated largely by aromas and temperature, heating their meals can trigger them to take a bite. You can also soak their food in lukewarm water. This way, you can be sure your cat stays hydrated and it will make the food easily edible, even when your cat is missing a few teeth.    
  7. Keep you cat’s teeth clean. Dental plaque can cause lots of discomfort for your pet. Serious dental issues require extensive treatment at a vet.

We’re here for your cat!

From kitten to senior, we are here to stand by you. We are there for your cat, no matter how young or old it may be. Our Prins CareTeam is open to all your questions. The well-being of animals is our priority. That’s why we will gladly help you with a successful ageing of your cat!

Cilian from the CareTeam

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