Originally, cats used to be desert-dwellers, which is why they tend to drink very little. That may result in urinary tract disorders such as struvite crystals, a common issue in cats. So health-wise, it is vital for cats to stay hydrated, especially when they are being fed dry food. But how can you get them to drink (more)?

Five useful tips

  • Cats love drinking running water, for instance from a dripping faucet. You can get them excited by purchasing a drinking fountain, available at specialty pet stores.
  • Cats are casual drinkers, they sip a little here and there when they encouter liquids. That’s why they often drink from vases and fish bowls. You can stimulate them by putting down water bowls in different corners of your home.
  • Offer their drinking water in a huge bowl. Cats don’t like it when their whiskers touch the sides of a bowl while drinking!
  • Most cats like to have different options when it comes to water. Try to make a selection of tap water, rain water and mineral water.
  • Wet food will hydrate your cat more. Beside VitalCare dry food, Prins also has a range of moisture-rich NatureCare meat-based meals to alternate as meals or as a responsible treat.

Cheers! To a healthy cat’s life!

Annerike from the CareTeam

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