Do you have a dog and a cat in your home? You may notice that your dog sometimes eats out of your cat's bowl or feasts on the tastiest cat treats. Help! Is it harmful for your dog to eat cat food? In this article, we'll talk you through it.

To take the pressure of: it's not a bad thing if your dog sometimes eats cat food. The ingredients in the foods are similar, which is why dogs also like cat food and -snacks. The main difference between the two is that cat food has a higher energy content and contains more protein and fat. Therefore, if your dog ingests cat food, it increases the risk of obesity.

Training with cat kibble

Yet from experience we know that dogs are sometimes trained with cat food/snacks, because these are small chunks. However, it has no health benefits for the dog to eat cat food, so we advise you to stick to dog food. Your four-legged friend will get food that is tailored to him and takes into account his needs in terms of age, activity and health.

How do I prevent my dog from eating cat food?

When you have both a dog and a cat in the house, it can seem difficult to prevent them from eating each other's food. The first thing you can try is to feed them separately from each other, such as feeding them in a separate room or leaving your dog in the crate when your cat is fed. If you normally leave your dog's or cat's food out all day, you can see if you can put it in places where the other pet can't reach it. For example, your dog can't climb on the cupboard and countertop as easily!

And don't panic if your dog does eat some of the cat food once. As long as you do not make it a habit, it will be fine. Do you want to know more about which foods are right for your dog or cat? Ask your question to our CareTeam!

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